Saturday, August 10, 2013

Design of the Week: Atom-Age Combat!

Each week, we post a limited-edition design, to be sold for exactly 7 days, then replaced with another.
This week: Relations with Russia are becoming frosty again, so let's celebrate with a classic comic book cover from the 1950s, when the Cold War was about to go nuclear-hot!

Available on kid and adult t-shirts, mugs, e-reader, laptop, and phone cases, and other goodies!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Reading Room: SPACE DETECTIVE "Flame Women of Vulcan"

Art by Gene Fawcette
...well, that covers what you need to know in order to enjoy this never-reprinted chapter of the final case from the files of the Space Detective!
Though the writer and inker are unknown, the penciler of this kool 3-part tale from Avon's Space Detective #4 (1952) is Gene Fawcette.
While certain issues have been reprinted, the entire short-lived series has never been compiled in one place...until now, as you'll see if you click HERE!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reading Room: SPACE DETECTIVE "Attack of the Wasp-Women"

Art by Gene Fawcette
Notorious serial killer Beast Man escapes from confinement.
Right after that, more killings occur, but commited by a group of skull-headed space pirates!
Tracking the space pirates, Avenger and Teena discover it's Beast Man, his aide, Vulcan Woman and their gang using x-ray devices in their spacesuit collars to hide their identities by making their skin invisible!
The criminals manage to escape, but the Space Detective is on their trail...
Be here
for the Space Detective's final case!
Though the writer and inker are unknown, the penciler of this kool 3-part tale from Avon's Space Detective #4 (1952) is Gene Fawcette.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reading Room: SPACE DETECTIVE "Spaceship of the Dead"

For the last time, we join Avenger and Teena... they begin their final published adventure, fighting crime in a future time!
Don't worry Teena, you'll meet up with Beast Man and Vulcan Woman sooner than you TOMORROW!
Though the writer and inker are unknown, the penciler of this kool 3-part tale from Avon's Space Detective #4 (1952) is Gene Fawcette.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reading Room: "Small Fry"

You can't tell me this isn't a "lost" Kirby Klassic from the 1950s...
...with the only question being "who was the penciler and/or inker over Jack Kirby's layouts?"
When Prize Comics' Monster of Frankenstein title was revived during the horror comic boom of the early 1950s, besides a wonderfully-gruesome version of Dick Briefer's Monster, it featured a number of two to four page "fillers".
Most of these tales appear to be, at the very least, laid-out by Jack Kirby.
This never-reprinted story from Prize's Monster of Frankenstein #33 (1954) is a prime example.
Some of the "camera angles" are easily-recognizable from later Ant-Man stories by Jack Kirby.
The Grand Comics Database lists the story's creators as "unknown", but considering the volume of work Simon & Kirby did for Prize before leaving to form their own company, Mainline, it's not unlikely this was an "inventory" story meant for insertion wherever editorial material pagecount came up short.
Sadly, the writer of the story is, as in so many cases, unknown...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cover Preview: THE SHADOW #17

Some covers need no captions or explanation... this beautiful work by Francesco Francavilla for the alternate cover for #17 of Dynamite's Shadow comic book!
BTW, if you want more The Shadow stuff, have a look at...
The never-reprinted 1994 Alec Baldwin movie adaptation HERE!
Has it been 19 years already?
(PLUS, a never-reprinted Gene Colan-illustrated spoof of The Shadow radio show called "The Shadower", and a comic adaptation of an actual radio show episode HERE!)
The Shadow's never-reprinted Bronze Age adventures with The Batman and The Avenger as well as never-reprinted Frank Robbins-illustrated stories (as well as the first part of the Shadow radio show adaptation) HERE!
Finally, The Shadow's never-reprinted, campy costumed Silver Age adventures HERE!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tomorrow, we'll be presenting a two-part tribute to the late Michael Ansara... Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™ and Western Comics Adventures™ featuring a never-reprinted comic adaptation of an episode of his breakout TV series, Broken Arrow!
Don't miss it!