Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ray Harryhausen (1920-2013)

Though he didn't appear in front of the camera, Ray Harryhausen was far more influental on the moviegoing public than most actors.
The way some people would automatically run to see a John Wayne flick or a Bette Davis film, I would be front and center on opening day for any Ray Harryhausen movie, ready for a couple of hours of sheer fun!
Ray's creations appeared in almost every genre, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, historical...even a Western (Valley of Gwangi).
To mark his passing, out "brother" blog, Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™, is presenting the never-reprinted comic adaptation of my favorite of all Ray's films, Jason and the Argonauts.
You can see other Harryhausen movies in comics form...

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