Monday, February 4, 2013

Before texting and blogs, there were Love Letters & Love Diaries!

Until the intro of texting, blogs, MySpace and FaceBook, the main way people kept track of their love lives was thru Love Letters & Love Diaries!
In fact, they made up one of the most popular sub-categories of romance comics, with literally dozens of titillating titles!

Let our selection of the best of these these kitchy, campy (and very kool) classic comics covers help you express your true feelings on the Most Important of Days--Valentines Day on greeting cards, teddy bears, mugs, and even "naughty" undies!

And, if they can't assist your love-life, perhaps something from one of our other sections at True Love Comics Tales™ including...
(or is that Love in School?)
will help get your point across on the Most Important of Days!
But order quickly, V-Day is only TEN days away!

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