Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reading Room: WEIRD ADVENTURES "Dome of Death"

You may think, from reading this blog,  that "sci-fi" just means "space opera" or "futuristic"...
...but it can be set on present-day Earth, as well!
This never-reprinted tale from the Ziff-Davis one-shot Weird Adventures #10 (1951) reads like the script for an anthology tv show or a b-movie.
It's mostly character interaction and a crime/thriller plot with some easily-done (even for the 1950s) sfx!
Illustrated by John Giunta, whose long career spans both the Golden and Silver Ages with work for literally every company in every genre!
However, Giunta may be best-known to today's audiences as the artist who gave the legendary Frank Frazetta his first job, when he hired the teen-ager as a studio assistant!
The writer of this unusual tale is unknown, but could be Giunta himself!

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  1. Pretty close to "The Last City" by Al Feldstein: WEIRD FANTASY # 4, November/December 1950)


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