Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cover Preview: SHERLOCK HOLMES "Liverpool Demon"

Our good friend Francesco Francavilla is doing covers for one a new mini-series...
Issue #1
...featuring one of our favorite characters!
Here's the synopsis...
The year is 1888: the Great Detective and the ever dependable Dr. Watson find themselves in the bleak northern port city of Liverpool from whose still bustling docklands grim slave vessels once sailed.
Violent gangs roam the streets and the city’s struggling police force are fighting a war against an all pervading criminal underworld.
A strange creature is sighted high among the rooftops and soon dead bodies bearing strange wounds begin to mysteriously appear.
Only Sherlock Holmes can cut to the heart of the mystery and expose the truth behind the spectre of The Liverpool Demon.
Here's the covers for the other three issues in the series...
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
It looks like a helluva lot of fun, and, of course, the Greatest Sleuth of All will find a (ahem) logical explanation for all the satanic goings-on!

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