Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reading Room: SUPERSNIPE "Haunted Money" Conclusion

When Koppy McFad learns his friend Betsy and her mother are being evicted, he changes to SuperSnipe and attempts to help them...unsuccessfully.
The mother-daughter duo decide to move to the abandoned Morblid Mansion that everyone in town believes is haunted.
SuperSnipe, unable to dissuade them, assists the pair in moving their few possessions to the decrepit house, unaware that it is, in fact, already occupied!
Three criminals await the arrival of another crook, who knows where over $200,000 was stashed before he was sent to prison.
To keep people away, the evil trio have rigged the place to appear "haunted".
But, the arrival of SuperSnipe and his friends have thrown their plans into chaos as the fourth fiend arrives...
BTW, this was not a Halloween issue!
It came out in late Spring, 1949.
But, we felt the subject matter lent itself to Halloween, so here it is!

Herlock Domes was another supporting character (like Gramps and Ulysses Q Wacky) who had his own backup strip in SuperSnipe Comics.
The characters crossed-over frequently with each other and popped into SuperSnipe's strip creating a fairly cohesive and consistent "universe" much like Marvel Comics did a couple of decades later (but on a smaller scale, natch).
Story and art for this tale from SuperSnipe Comics V4N12 (1949) by the highly-underrated George Marcoux, who did all the "SuperSnipe Universe" strips.

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