Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Telling the T-Man Tale Twice...with Tweaks!

The Comics Code Authority was supposed to "clean up" comics after the Seduction of the Innocent scare of the 1950s, but sometimes they took it to ridiculous levels!
Over at our brother blog, Crime & Punishment™, we presented a tale of a secret agent in Iran as shown HERE.
Pretty standard stuff, nothing too violent or sexy.
No blood, gore, or gratuitous "headlights".
We noted it had been reprinted a couple of years later, so we checked the reprint to see if the printing was cleaner on that version.
Imagine our surprise to discover numerous alterations to both text and art in the reprint (as well as a nifty new cover)!
The original had been published in Quality Comics' T-Man # 3 (1952), the reprint in T-Man #31 (1956).
The original was pre-Code, the reprint was post-Code.
So we decided to present both versions, albeit a week apart due to an already-scheduled Sherlock Holmes story.
HERE's the annotated reprint.
Contrast and compare for yourself!

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