Wednesday, March 21, 2012

YouTube Wednesday: JOHN CARTER...Hit or Disaster?

Don't worry, John! We'll dig our way out of this hole!
The BBC's news/entertainment division did this piece about John Carter's less than stellar box-office... it a less-than stellar future.
Odd since JC has done over $125 million overseas, opened with over $10 million in China, and has yet to open in Japan, a strong market for films featuring sci-fi/fantasy and retro high-adventure (the two themes of JC)!
Personally, I think it'll end up doing very well on DVD/Blu-Ray, PPV, and 'net streaming, picking up the audience it didn't get in theatres.
Personally, I blame the marketing; terrible posters, trailers and commercials that didn't play up the "Carter was the FIRST!" concept and the whole "this is kool" idea, and, stupidiest of all, naming the flick the almost-useless "John Carter" instead of "John Carter and the Princess of Mars".
(Hey, "Hero and Plot Element" titles worked for Harry Potter and Indiana Jones!
Why not here?)

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  1. I don't disagree with your assessment. It's a case of Hollywood bookkeeping I suspect, writing it off or some such nonsense. It cost $300 million to make according to some sources I've seen and that's a lot to make, but I'm sure eventually they'll cover it, but profits do seem a long way off, even for a powerhouse like Disney.

    As for the title, despite the fact they do eventually call the movie "John Carter of Mars" at the end, when he's accepted his new home, it might work for the narrative, but it's a disaster for the marketing. Disney seemed always to be frightened of what this movie was, and I think that timidity is what this panic is all about.

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