Friday, January 20, 2012

If MegaUpload can be Deleted, Can Picasa and Other Cloud-Based Sites be Next?

Considering Picasa, RapidShare, and other image/file lockers may (repeat MAY) have a few "inappropriate" or "copyright infringing" images on them, could they be shut down as MegaUpload was, punishing many innocent users who have nothing more insidious than Christmas pix...or Public Domain comic pages on them? ;-)
MegaUpload was shut down without the extended powers SOPA/PIPA would give the government!
Imagine what they would do with SOPA/PIPA in their arsenal!!!
Be afraid!  Be very afraid!
In the meantime...
Don't use "cloud based" servers as your only backup!
What happened to MegaUpload can happen to any of them!

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