Friday, October 14, 2011

Fantastic Femmes: Charlie's Angels Cancelled

Annie Ilonzeh (Kate Prince), Rachael Taylor (Abby Sampson), and Minka Kelly (Eve French)
In a blow against beautiful women in skimpy outfits kicking butt, ABC has canceled the newest version of Charlie's Angels after 4 episodes.
The attempt at revamping the campy 1970s series with Annie Ilonzeh, Rachael Taylor, and Minka Kelly as three young criminals turned private investigators in Miami proved futile.
The series brought in 8.7 million viewers with its Sept. 22 premiere, but the numbers dropped from there. Thursday's episode garnered 6 million viewers, a marginal increase from the previous week.
Production has already shut down on the series, and already-produced episodes will air until the network decides what will fill the time slot. (there are 2 known episodes, but it is suspected that at least 2 partially-completed episodes will be finished as well.)
The original tv series ran 5 seasons (1976-81) for 110 episodes, and there were 2 successful feature films in 2000 & 2003.
Ironically, the most recent episode was a remake of an original series episode that drew record ratings when it aired in 1976!

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