Thursday, September 29, 2011

3-D Controversy!

According to the LA Times...
The National Assn. of Theatre Owners, the country's largest group of exhibitors, has lashed out at Sony Pictures concerning its plans to stop footing the bill for 3-D glasses and pass the expense on to moviegoers!
Sony sent a letter to theater owners informing them that as of May 1, 2012, it will no longer pay 3-D technology companies such as RealD the average cost of 50 cents per ticket for 3-D glasses used by moviegoers. 
Sony has two big genre movies in 3-D coming out after May 1 next year: Men in Black III and The Amazing Spider-Man.
Fox tried a similar move, but was forced to back down after several theater chains threatened to take only 2-D versions of films.
NATO issued a statement that..."NATO believes Sony's suggestion is insensitive to our patrons, particularly in the midst of continuing economic distress..."
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