Wednesday, August 31, 2011

YouTube Wednesday "There's Something on the Moon!"

With Apollo 18 opening this week, let's have a look at another movie about Lunar loonies...MoonTrap, a "lost" direct-to-video flick from 1989 starring Walter (Ensign Chekov) Koenig in his only starring role, along with B-movie legend Bruce Campbell, battling aliens on the Moon!
Here's the trailer...

Don't remember it?
Not surprising!
Unless you happen to have a vhs cassette of it, or a copy of the comic book adaptation (which we're currently re-presenting at our "brother" blog, Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™) you probably never even saw it!
It's not currently available on Region 1 DVD/BluRay, so the only way you're going to see it is on a DVD-R/used VHS/comic book.
Which is a shame, because, despite the B-movie budget, it's a real hoot!
The pre-CGI effects are pretty well done, and both script and acting are well above the typical SyFy Saturday night crap.
Well worth the effort of tracking down.
or have a look at these MoonTrap collectibles from Amazon...

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