Monday, May 16, 2011

Visit the NEWEST RetroBlogs™ for Sci-Fi/Western/Good Girl Fun!

We've recently-introduced several new blogs to the RetroBlogs™ Family...
...the newest one, features action-packed tales of the Old West by such stalwarts as Simon & Kirby, Graham Engels, Dick Ayers, and many others who also did superhero and horror work.
Plus, there'll be appearances by masked heroes including the Original Ghost Rider, RedMask, The Lone Rider, and The Masked Ranger, and the occasional little green man from Space Western Comics!

Then, there's..., before you go "ewwww", consider whose work you'll see here:
some of the finest "good girl" artists in the business, including Matt Baker, Wally Wood, and Bill Ward doing scantily-clad women!
Sure you don't want to see that?

Finally, for the hardcore sf / fantasy fan, there's...
The Secret Sanctum of
So far, we've covered Captain Video (surprise!), The Time Machine, Dr Who & the Daleks, and Space: 1999!
Starting on Tuesday, we present...
by Bruce Jones (writer) and the legendary Al Williamson (artist)!

So, what's your excuse not to, at least, take a look (or bookmark the sites)?
(They're all Safe For Work / School!)
Click now or regret it later!  ;-)

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