Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Newest RetroBlog--Secret Sanctum of Captain Video

We're proud to announce a new addition to the Atomic Kommie Comics™ family of RetroBlogs™.
Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™ will run weekly (or better) entries on classic sci-fi/fantasy movies, tv shows, and radio shows.
Besides offering background on the tv series or movies, we'll often present the comic adaptations of those presentations, many never reprinted since their initial release!
After the initial Captain Video tv show video and comic presentation we're running over the next couple of days, the Secret Sanctum will unspool the comic adaptation of George Pal's The Time Machine by Alex Toth as well as several related vids and a gallery of posters, including HTF foreign versions.
And, of course, links to books, dvds and other goodies related to the particular movie/tv show being presented.

NOTE: Comic book versions of movie or tv adaptations of already-existing comic or pulp properties will be shown at Hero and Heroine Histories™.
For example, the Doc Savage: the Man of Bronze 1975 movie tie-in (which is not included in the current trade paperback reprint from DC) is our main feature at H&HH next week, with The Shadow movie adaptation to follow early in June.

Bookmark Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™ or use the rss feed.
It's gonna be a fun ride and you don't want to miss it!

Check out the
and the kool Captain Video stuff from Amazon, available below!

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