Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Night They Kept Britt Reid from Seeing THE GREEN HORNET

Last night, I went to see The Green Hornet.
Last night, I didn't see The Green Hornet!
I was coming directly from a meeting with a client, so I had my laptop with me.
When time came to go in, the audience was told that we would have to check our cellphones, BlackBerrys, laptops, etc.
Now, my cellphone doesn't even have a camera. (I'm waiting for Verizon's iPhone.)
My laptop does have a camera, but it's on the inside lid, above the screen. The only way I could photograph the movie is if I turned the laptop around and pointed the keyboard and screen at the movie screen!
So, taking them from me was roughly the same as frisking a toddler at an airport security gate. It's stupid and useless, but you do it to maintain the appearance of political correctness.
(In addition, the film is already on several filesharing sites!)
Nonetheless, I was still prepared to surrender the items for the duration of the film.
While checking the items, I asked the guard about liability, specifically what happened if the items were lost or stolen while in his custody.
His response was a casual "Don't worry about it."
I pressed the matter, as both the phone and laptop contained proprietary material.
"Look, it's a free screening. Do you want to go in or not?"
To avoid holding up the line, I asked to speak to his supervisor, who also could offer no warranty on loss or damage.
Quite frankly, I had seen enough situations where, without such assurances, things had happened, and the responsible party wasn't held liable.
To safeguard my material, I had no choice but to not enter the screening.
NOTE: both the guard and his boss were cordial. VERY professional. NO raised voices, NO angry words exchanged.
And, in the future, I'll avoid bringing my laptop to screenings.
I'll hit a matinee this weekend, and let you know what I think on Monday.

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