Monday, November 15, 2010

Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics vs HITLER!

Rottener than the Red Skull!
More lethal than Lex Luthor!
More menacing than Moriarity!
Deadlier than Doctor Doom!
He's the Ultimate Villain!
And, he was REAL!
Adolf Hitler tricked or forced millions into obeying his maniac desires, and plunged the Earth into the deadliest global conflict ever!
The Allied armed forces (including the US Army, Navy, and Marines) were the REAL heroes who defeated him.
But, on the home front, comic books provided Americans with inspirational imagery of superheroes clobbering, smashing, bashing, kicking, even SPANKING Der Fuerher!
Here are a dozen of the best of those classic images from the war years, digitally-remastered and restored directly from the actual comic books, on our newest 12-month calendar for 2011...Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics versus Hitler!

Perfect birthday or holiday present for the WWII and/or comic book fan in your life, especially combined with  one of the books below or another of our Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ collectibles to make a gift set!
And then go "...heil (razzberry), heil (razzberry), right in Der Fuehrer's Face!"

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