Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fantastic Femmes--Mizuo Peck

New York City native Mizuo Peck's ancestry includes Japanese, Irish, British, and Cherokee, giving her a unique, exotic "look" that's allowed her to play a range of Asian, British, Native American (but not Cherokee), Hispanic, and generic New Yorker characters in film and on tv.

Mizuo's also done off-Broadway theatre, fashion modeling and appeared in a couple of music videos.
Talk about versatile!
No wonder I think she's a Fantastic Femme!
Genre credits include...
Check out...
Other actresses to play Sacagawea, include...
Actually, Mizuo played a mystically-animated statue of Sacgawea, not the historical figure!
So if you want to know who played the real-life person in film and tv, here's the list from the IMDB.

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