Monday, June 21, 2010

Basil Wolverton's SpaceHawk

Proving the adage that most "Golden Age" science fiction was just Westerns with ray guns instead of revolvers and spaceships instead of horses, the comic series SpaceHawk featured a lone gunslinger wandering the universe righting wrongs and defending the weak in areas where (ray) gun law ruled.

Though the stories were pedestrian rewrites of Old West potboilers, they were brought to dynamic life by legendary illustrator Basil Wolverton.
Best known for his work on MAD and PLOP, Wolverton had a truly unique art style especially-suited to science fiction / fantasy, not for his "heroic" characters (who were pretty standard), but the amazing monsters and alien environments he illustrated.

SpaceHawk never had his own title in the Golden Age, but inhabited the back pages of Target Comics from V1#7 thru V3#10, appearing on the cover only once during the entire run.
(Nonetheless, he consistently drew more mail than any other single strip in the book!)

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ have included SpaceHawk in our Solo Heroes section of Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ line, where characters with only one cover available hang out awaiting your shopping pleasure.
Stop by and visit SpaceHawk. He's the new kid on the block. Make him feel welcome! ;-)

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