Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Karen Mok

Born Karen Joy Morris (sister of writer / producer Trevor Morris) the award-winning actress / singer / songwriter is better known as Karen Mok in English-speaking countries, and Mok Man-Wai in the rest of Asia (except Hong Kong).
Equally-adept at comedy, drama, and action, Karen often does her own stunts.
Karen has done over a dozen solo albums, most of which have gone Gold and / or won awards.
She's also performed on five soundtracks (only one of which was a film she also appeared in)!
Karen is a devoted activist for both animal and human (civil) rights!
She speaks four languages; Chinese (both Cantonese & Mandarin), Italian, French,and English)
Genre appearances include...
Coffin (No name listed)
Black Mask (Tracy Lee)
DragonBlade: the Legend of Lang (Ying Ying)
Twins Effect aka Vampire Effect (Ivy)
So Close (Detective Kong Yat Hung)
Shaolin Soccer (Team Moustache Player 2)
Haunted Office (Pat)
Silent Moebius (performer: "Sailing")
There are several other Hong Kong films which may be genre (judging from the titles), but I don't have enough info to list them.
If I get more data, I'll revise this entry.

Check out...
Karen's Official WebSite
WebSite for Karen Mok: the Fragrance

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