Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ebony & Ivory (& Jade) Kick Ass Together in Perfect Harmony...

Remember the 1970s, the decade when Feminism came to the forefront, especially in film, where for the first time, females took things into their own lethal hands?
Before, while women like Modesty Blaise may have had top billing, they still depended on male partners when the going got tough!
But in films starring the likes of Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson, men were not only unnecessary, sometimes they were downright useless!
Nowhere was this unleashing of grrrls with guns better exemplified than in the 1976 flick Ebony, Ivory & Jade!

Also titled She-Devils in Chains and FoxForce, it's a tawdry tale of female athletes, including Rosanne Katon (a Playboy PlayMate) as the "Ebony" of the title, Colleen Camp as "Ivory", and Christine Mayuga as "Jade", being kidnapped for ransom.
E, I & J take command of the captive competitors, with the ethnically-diverse trio turning the tables on their captors by using both their own well-honed abilities and various weapons taken off dead kidnappers to free the assembled athletes!
And it's all rated "PG"! Seriously!
Shot on a low-to-medium budget, it's a cool example of the "grindhouse" features that played double and triple-bills in second-run theatres and drive-ins throughout the US to enthusiastic audiences.
(I saw it on 42nd Street, before The Deuce [as we New Yorkers called it] was cleaned up by Disney in the 1990s)

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ respect, nay, REVERE those ladies who did unto men what males had, in previous generations, done unto women!
In fact, within our Seduction of the Innocent!!™ pop culture kitch department resides the Menacing Maidens section wherein Ebony, Ivory & Jade and their fellow fatal femmes still dispense harsh justice in full-color glory on t-shirts, mugs and other kool kollectibles!
Show that you believe in racial harmony, at least where it comes to women kicking the cr@p out of guys!

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